About the project

The objective of the project is to harmonise and modernise medical education in Finland by utilising digitalisation in medical and dentistry teaching. The project is part of the national development work of medical education. The aim of harmonising and digitising national teaching is to ensure the high-level competence of graduating students in the Finnish health care system and to safeguard digital abilities in the changing information society.


The project objectives include:

• To specify competence in the medical fields

• To create an online service for the basic medical and dental education

• To produce electronic study material

• To develop electronic exam and evaluation methods

• To develop the competence of students in medical fields in the use of electronic health care tools (eHealth)

• To create a digital pedagogy training model for the teaching staff.

The MEDigi project will specify learning objectives and evaluation criteria subject-specifically for the electronic study, evaluation and exam materials and create a national learning platform for medical education. The purpose of the medical education learning platform is to guarantee the acquisition of information necessary for practising medicine and dentistry, both during studies and along the professional career.

Increasingly diverse digital competence and preparedness to use the eHealth tools are expected of medical and dentistry students. When the medical learning platform to be created within the project is expanded to become part of specialist, postgraduate and continuing education, the digital competence of practising doctors can be impacted via the online service by offering them, among other things, up-to-date training supporting their eHealth competence.

Effectiveness of the project:

• The project will promote the development of medical education in the strongly changing operating environment

• The MEDigi project will improve the quality and open operating culture of and cooperation within medical education, and at the same time support the implementation of the “International strategy for higher education and research 2017–2025” and the work of the “Vision for higher education and research in 2030”

• The MEDigi project is implemented as part of a wider framework of medical education development

The project will observe the national medical development work and the results of the medical education evaluation conducted by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC).