Electronic study, exam and evaluation materials

Exam practices and evaluation of accumulated knowledge

Pre-clinical agents

Diagnostic fields (radiology, pathology, microbiology, clinical chemistry)

Genomic medicine

Musculoskeletal diseases (incl. orthopaedics & traumatology, physiatry, sports and exercise medicine)

Soft tissue surgery

Anaesthesiology, intensive care, prehospital emergency care and pain management


Internal medicine

Gynaecological diseases

Medical genetics

Neurology fields (neurology and neurosurgery)


Sensory organ diseases (skin diseases, ENT and eye disease)

Dental radiology

General medicine, primary health care and occupational health care

Public health (health care, public health medicine)

Oral health care

Prosthetic dentistry and stomatognathic physiology


Cariology, endodontics and pedodontics


Geriatric dentistry

Surgical diseases (oral and maxillofacial surgery)

Oral pathology

Palliative medicine