Learning platform of medical fields

The MEDigi project creates and develops a functional, national medical education online service for the basic education of licentiates in medicine and dental surgery. A systematic learning path of the student lies at the core of the online service and, in addition to the learning platform, the path includes connections to data transfer and their interfaces, such as the Studyinfo system of the joint application system and the student data system.

The digital learning platform refers to a virtual learning environment operating as an online service, which in an optimal form serves the fulfilment of the pedagogic objectives of the subject by being intuitive and easy-to-use for students and teaching staff. A well-functioning digital learning platform includes a sufficient number of features enabling the diverse implementation of the learning and evaluation of set learning objectives.

The development work of the learning environment will pay special attention to the fact that digitalisation in teaching does not solely refer to the implementation of new technologies and acquisition of software for teaching purposes, but also involves significant possibilities to change modes of operation. The selection of the learning environment aims in particular to ensure the diverse needs of the medical fields, so that the selected learning environment will suit the sharing and archiving of national study materials and learning evaluation methods in all subjects of medicine and dentistry. The report work will be carried out as close multi-professional cooperation with the DigiCampus project.

The ultimate objective of the project is to create a systematically progressing learning path that will cover basic medical education and specialist, postgraduate and continuing education in the future. At its best, the online service will enable continuous learning. The online service will also enable supplementing the competence of Finnish doctors and dentists studying and working abroad with the help of topical online courses, for example, on the Finnish public health care and service system.

In order to meet the objectives, the project ensures close cooperation with specialist training development work in the medical field.