The University of Oulu is in charge of project coordination and project progress, but the project procedures are always implemented by the national network. The coordination tasks of the MEDigi project include:

• to coordinate and steer the project according to the objectives

• to organise cooperation between the actors

• to ensure reporting

• to ensure communications

The head of the MEDigi project is Dean Anne Remes, Jarmo Reponen serves as the project leader and the project coordinator is Anna Levy from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Oulu.

Each university has its own project manager to support coordination with the key task of coordinating practical procedures in the faculty they represent.

The key tasks of the project managers include:

• to inform about the project within their own university and its area of influence

• to launch, coordinate and monitor the operations of the divisions

• to collect the material to be reported within the university

• to implement surveys, trainings and seminars in cooperation with the coordinating university.

Project managers of the universities:

Johanna Louhimo, University of Helsinki

Anna Koivisto, University of Eastern Finland

Anna Levy, University of Oulu

Matti Nissilä, University of Tampere

Jyri Niskanen, University of Turku