Digital group

The task of the digital group of the MEDigi project is to ensure the technical solutions and implementation, among other things, in view of the online service, learning platform and the electronic study, exam and evaluation materials. In addition, it is the objective of the digital group to create a digital pedagogy training model for the teaching staff.

The tasks of the digital group include:

• to prepare a report on the electronic online service (learning environment)

• to serve as the expert on the reporting work related to the online service (learning platform)

• to act in cooperation with developers of learning platforms of the universities and national actors as well as other projects utilising digital pedagogy and virtual technology

• to guide the management team and divisions in planning the technical implementation of the electronic study, exam and evaluation materials

• to prepare/make necessary acquisitions

• to ensure the improvement of digital and eHealth competence by organising digital pedagogy training for the teaching staff of medical fields

• to create a training model for digital pedagogy continuous learning and a digital competence badge system for the teaching staff.

Olli-Pekka Lappalainen from the University of Oulu serves as the Chairperson of the Digital Group.