Management team

The management team forms a cooperation network of the medical faculties. Each university has appointed one representative from both the medical and dental fields. The management team includes one representative from the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim, Finnish Dental Society Apollonia, Finnish Medical Student’s Association, Junior Doctors’ Association in Finland and Suomen Hammaslääketieteen Opiskelijain liitto (SHOL). Appropriate experts may be invited to attend management team meetings.

The tasks of the management team include:

• to make decisions about the project and to implement them

• to promote the progress of the project by means of communications, planning and implementing procedures

• to closely cooperate with the steering group, project managers, divisions, the project’s digital group and other key projects

• to guide, monitor and control the operations of the divisions

• to participate in reporting

• to report on the progress, outputs and results of the project.

Composition of the management team:

Project Leader Jarmo Reponen, Chairperson, University of Oulu

Project Coordinator Anna Levy, Secretary, University of Oulu

Digital Group Chairperson Olli-Pekka Lappalainen, University of Oulu

Jussi Merenmies, University of Helsinki

Leo Tjäderhane, University of Helsinki

Anitta Mahonen, University of Eastern Finland

Jarmo Jääskeläinen, University of Eastern Finland

Päivi Mäntylä, University of Eastern Finland

Petri Kulmala, University of Oulu

Raija Lähdesmäki, University of Oulu

Juhani Jääskeläinen, University of Tampere

Outi Kortekangas-Savolainen, University of Turku

Jaana Rautava, University of Turku

Juha Pekka Turunen, Finnish Medical Society Duodecim (no voting right)

Vesa Pohjola, Finnish Dental Society Apollonia (no voting right)

Anni Saukkola, Finnish Medical Student’s Association

Rikhard Mäki-Heikkilä, Junior Doctors’ Association in Finland

Ville Liu, SHOL

The management team convenes approximately six times in an academic year.