Project cooperation

The MEDigi project works in close cooperation with the other projects receiving key project funding and with their coordinating parties.

The following includes a brief presentation of the key projects that cooperate with the MEDigi project:

“DigiCampus” – The project “A shared digital learning environment, pedagogy and services for higher education institutions” will create a shared digital cloud learning environment for higher education institutes and develop a pedagogic-digital support service model. The project will develop the physical and digital learning landscapes at campuses to support learning-orientedness and develop the quality of digitalised services. In addition, the project will produce a learning ecosystem in bio economy, year-round course selections in chemistry and flexible teaching in the field of law. The project will implement a national electronic service portfolio for taking exams.

“SOTE-PEDA 24/7” – The project aims to develop the digital social and health service competence specifications for different fields of higher education and create shared digital social and health services studies, pedagogical solutions, a competence badge system and learning environments for the national network of higher education institutions.

“Development of basic skills assessment for general nurses (180 ETSC)” – The project aims to determine the 180-credit basic competence produced nationally by nursing education and ensure the basic competence quality of nursing students at universities of applied sciences. In addition, the project verifies the development of the students’ clinical competence over the course of their studies in different learning environments with the methods of continuous guidance and assessment.

The “Multidisciplinary and working life-oriented development of education in palliative care and medicine” project aims to create, among other things, national recommendations for curricula for basic education, further training and specialised studies in palliative care and medicine for universities and universities of applied sciences.

“Flexible paths towards working life – Development of educational cooperation in the biomedical and medical fields (Jobitti)” – The project develops biomedical education and promotes the transitioning of the biomedical sector’s students to working life by combining course selections from different higher education institutions and strengthening corporate cooperation.