Steering group

The steering group is in charge of ensuring the progress of the project, and comprises deans/deans of education of medical faculties. The steering group can reinforce itself using external experts.

The tasks of the MEDigi project steering group include:

• To steer and monitor the planning and implementation of the project as a whole from the viewpoints of health care legislation and working life needs

• To closely cooperate with the project actors of the Ministry of Education and Culture

• To make decisions on the reallocation of resources, if necessary

The steering group will convene at least twice a year (more often if necessary) and it will be called and presented by the coordinating party (project leader/project coordinator).

Composition of the steering group:

Chairperson Anne Remes, University of Oulu

Secretary Anna Levy, Project Coordinator, University of Oulu (no voting right)

Tiina Paunio, University of Helsinki

Veli-Matti Kosma, University of Eastern Finland

Seppo Nikkari, University of Tampere

Seppo Soinila, University of Turku

Jarmo Reponen, Project Leader, University of Oulu (no voting right)