Subject-specific divisions

The subject-specific divisions serve as experts on the contents of medical information. The divisions will specify the core competence of the medical field they represent and produce electronic study, exam and evaluation materials for basic medical and dental education. Each division has a dedicated university in charge of the progress of the operations of the division.

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The key task of a division is content production. The other tasks of a division include:

• to make suggestions in order to harmonise education

• to specify the core competence of the medical field it represents

• to prepare a content production work plan for the electronic study, exam and/or evaluation materials

• to participate in the organisation and implementation of the electronic material piloting

• to report and evaluate the results of materials produced within the project in view of the competence requirements of a subject or phenomenon. Each division shall present the results in relation to the competence requirements so that the results provide an answer or solution for the expressed problem starting points.

• to notify teaching staff, speciality associations and other experts of the field about the work done within the MEDigi project

• to prepare a concrete proposal for ensuring the updating of the materials once the project has ended

• to make suggestions for developing medical and/or dental education.